The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”  Mahatma Gandhi

What is Sewa?

Sewa is often described as “selfless service”, by definition; Sewa is any physical act one performs for the benefit of others in need.

How can we do Sewa?

Sewa can be done in various places. It can be done to oneself, in the community, for animals, plants or the environment.  The service can be categorised into three different means, by “Tan, Man or Dhan” which means, “body, mind or wealth”.

The service in the form of Tan, means a physical act, which can directly help those in need. For example, the Sewa team in NHSF Manchester often co-ordinate “sandwich making” sessions, where they make sandwiches and give them to homeless people in Manchester through our local charity Mustard Tree.

Pictures from the “Helping hungry homeless” campaign the Sewa Team in 2010.

Sewa through “Man”, the mind, is generally closely linked with all acts of Sewa. When time is sacrificed, and thought is put into doing compassionate work for those in need, that can be put in this category. The NHSF Manchester Sewa team consciously aims to promote the act of Sewa throughout Manchester for everyone, putting aside religion, ethnicity and status for the greater good.

The third category, by Dhan or wealth, is the easiest to do. Many charities and organizations raise funds for the benefit of others. Here in NHSF Manchester, we regularly hold fundraising events for donation to the local charity, Mustard Tree, and the national charity, Manav Sadhana.

The best form of Sewa is when you are detached from the fruits of your actions. A selfless act of service is when you do not anticipate recognition or reward for your work, but only see that the work is done.

Our local charity

The Mustard Tree is a Manchester based charity committed to providing life support for the homeless, marginalised and vulnerable across Greater Manchester.  They serve these communities through the provision of food, clothing, furniture and training.  There aim is not only to improve live for the deprived communities around us but also work to care for the environment through continual re-use and recycling of resources for the benefit of those in need. 

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Our national charity

Manav Sadhna, is an NGO based at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad.  Manav Sadhna is a registered trust in India and a 501(c)3 non-profit in the USA.  The organization is comprised of a young group of dedicated individuals working for the upliftment of  poor and needy children.

For more information, please visit:

If you would like to know more about the concept of Sewa in general, please visit the NHSF(uk) website at

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